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"This is the finest Garlic I have ever tasted. I eat large amounts and finely shopped a handful and threw it into my spaghetti mix w beef, tomatoes, onions, etc. This garlic is the best garlic I have ever had. Period. It has a slight sweetness to it, NOT sharp, not overpowering. At first I thought I I had forgotten to add it in but after another bite, I was in heaven! THE BEST DAMN GARLIC EVER!" The chef in my building now uses it too! 

JR Clarke

I cannot believe the difference between Gretchen's garlic and commercial garlic in the grocery store. This is some extraordinary garlic her service her personality and her shipping cannot be improved upon either.   Dan in Idaho Falls 


“Gretchen has The best garlic this side of heaven. The spicy flavor and intensity of the heat is amazing. The size of the bulbs are incredible. I have already purchased mine for this year as they will sell out fast. Gretchen is the conductor of an amazing symphony, you need to taste the music for yourself. The only complaint is HER garlic is not in MY backyard. (:. Teresa in Idaho Falls

You can not go wrong purchasing the wonderful variety of garlic that Gretchen produces. It is all organic and done with loving hands. She has every right to be proud of her garlic. Waiting for her to go to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, she would come home with awards.

Luanne LeFluer


Lisa Tompkins wrote: I have tried to grow garlic befor with not much luck. Your garlic however and your helpful How to plant guide, gave me unbelievable large good and so flavorfull bulbs this year. Thank you, I'll be back for more. 

Sarah wrote : I lived in France for years and have never ever tasted Garlic like this before. Amazing! 

Brad Johnson wrote: Gretchen, I wanted to Thank you for working with me on my last minute order. You were so accommodating and making my changes, and I was utterly impressed with the size of your bulbs. 

Zeek Manting wrote IF YOU WANT GOOD GARLIC, buy from Cranky Carls, now HERITAGE GOURMETS.COM. I bought some large bulbs not expecting them to be as big as they were, Holy Smokes, One two inch bulb with only 4 cloves. So easy to peel and so full of flavor. I only have to use a quarter of what I normally use in my cooking.  


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