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Heritage Gourmet





Grown in the high mountains of Montana.

Though there are many companies that grow garlic, some big, some small and most have excellent garlic.  What makes our garlic special is HOW its grown and how the soil makes the garlic taste!
We believe our garlic is some of the most flavorful garlic in the world, as testified by our customers who come back year after year

Heritage Gourmets Garlic know for our fabulous flavored large bulb organic garlic, is family owned and operated.  

The soil is our specialty.  

We believe the main reason our garlic has so much flavor is the way we grow our garlic.  We amend our soil with hot unaged manure that comes from grass fed animals, as opposed to corn or other modified or filler feeds.


We believe, that even manure can hold remnants of chemicals that were fed to the animals that produced the manure.  The only amendments we use on our soil is wood chips and organic matter taken off the 40 acre farm, and composted yearly and added to the soil.


In addition, we water with only natural mountain run off.  Our farm is located at about 3,500 ft elevation.  Sitting 1/2 way up the large Ksanka mountain range, our farm has no houses or farms above our garlic fields, only vast amounts of forest, no water contamination or chemicals in the water. This is something most people forget to think about when buying garlic. Most of the big companies that grow garlic are all watered with city or drainage water, which contains, who knows what. Rest assured our garlic is completely natural, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  


We use Bat Guano, and manure tea to fertilize. WE dont use ANY STORE BOUGHT "organic or natural" fertilizers, because we do not believe in anything synthetic even if they do call it organic.


And finally, the manure!  Not only does it come from grass fed animals, but we amend with unaged, VERY HOT manure. Most garlic will not do well with this hot, unaged manure.  But over the years, our special and lovingly babied, seed has acquired an ability to grow and grow BIG in this hot highly active soil. Although this takes a lot more work, we feel it reflects in the intense flavor of our garlic. We believe this is why everyone tells us they've never tasted such flavorful garlic.   THE SOIL!!!!


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