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A little about why Montana is so good for growing garlic. 

Our rich fertile soil, sunny days, cool nights and just the right amount of rain helps us produce a beautiful garlic crop year after year. You can find us in Eureka MT, known as tobacco Valley set between the great rocky mountains and the garnet mountain range.  Our valley is home to many farms and ranches. We have lots of cows, goats, sheep and garlic from around the world.



2019 SEASON: Offerings: click on each variety to view and order



Hardneck varieties produce a flower stalk called a scape. The scapes can be harvested and eaten in a number of ways; they are delicious! The flowers eventually form bulbils that can be planted as seed but they will usually produce small round bulbs the first year that need to be replanted. Hardneck varieties include: Rocambole, Standard Purple Stripe, Glazed Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe, Porcelain, Asiatic, Turban Artichokes, and Creole subvarieties. Here’s a photo of the garlic tops and the resulting bulbils.


Our Garlic is sustainably grown, meaning, we use only natural soil amended with wood chips, pig, cow and chicken maure from our non gmo pea and alfalfa fed animals.  So even our manure is organic!!!

Our garlic is watered with only natural high mountain Montana run off. Sitting 1/2 way up the large Ksanka mountain range, our farm has no houses or farms above our garlic fields, only vast amounts of forest so no water contamination. This is something most people forget to think about when buying garlic. All the big companies that grow garlic are all watered with city or drainage water, which contains, who knows what. Rest assured our garlic is completely natural, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

We use Bat Guano, and manure tea to fertilize. WE dont use ANY STORE BOUGHT "organic or Natural" fertilizers, because we don't believe in anything synthetic even if they do call it organic.We grow 30,000 to 80,000 plants every year.  

Note: Due to the extremely rich and full bodied flavor of our garlic, one clove will replace at least 4 to 6 cloves of store bought garlic. 

Garlic is harvested end of July early August and cures for 30 days. 
Our curing process of dry hanging allows for refridgerator storage for up to 10 months so we suggest you stock up for the year.

Garlic is available usually through end of March. 
Growers need to order seed by October for fall planting,

Shipping begins in August of each year.

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