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        Our garlic is watered with only natural high mountain Montana run off.  Sitting 1/2 way up the large Ksanka mountain range, our farm has no houses or farms above our garlic fields, only vast amounts of forest so no water contamination.  This is something most people forget to think about when buying garlic.  Many of the big companies that grow garlic are all watered with city or drainage water, which contains, who knows what.  Rest assured our garlic is completely natural, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We use Bat Guano, and manure tea to fertilize. WE dont use ANY STORE BOUGHT "organic or Natural" fertilizers, because we don't believe in anything synthetic even if they do call it organic. We grow 30,000 to 80,000 plants every year.

GERMAN WHITE (porcelain)

Favorite among Chefs for subtle garlic flavor in cooking

German white garlic bulb

Shipped no later than 9/30

German White Garlic is one of the most widely grown garlic. It stores well, has large size easy to peel cloves. The flavor is a full body taste with a little zing when eaten raw, but produces a very flavorful gentle taste when cooked. Great for pestos, pastas, sauces, and even roasted. Absolutely fabulous for garlic bread.

Heritage Gourmets Garlic bulbs are great for seed garlic as most bulbs are 2.5 inches, with 4 to 5 large cloves per bulb. Very easy to grow.  German White Garlic is also fabulous for for cooking because of its zesty yet mild flavor. 

SEED BULBS:  $13 1/2 LB
TABLE: $10 1/2 LB


One of the hottest Garlics on the planet!  

spanish roja garlic

Shipped no later than 9/30

Spanish Roja garlic is defined almost entirely by its flavor. Its violet-blushed sheath of wrappers encapsulates large ivory cloves with a flavor so strong, hot and robust that it sticks around for a long time. If cooked, particularly roasted it will develop a deep, rich and complex flavor. It has been described as one of the the HOTTEST  garlics in the world.

This is a rare garlic, as it is more difficult to grow large bulbs, but well worth if for its flavor. Heritage Gourmets has worked for years and proud to say we have a very large and more robust strain due to growing in Montana's cold winters.

Most bulbs are smaller than other garlics, but the flavor outways the bulb size.   Our Roja is generally 1.5 to 2.5 inches, and only 6 to 8 cloves.

SEED BULBS:  $13 1/2 LB
TABLE: $10 1/2 LB


A favorite amount growers due to its bulb size

Siberian garlic bulbs

Shipped no later than 9/30


Siberian’s flavor is rich, full and excellent cooked. Mild at first, then hot zing at the end eaten raw.


Siberia can produce a large bulb in good soil. Siberian is a great producer in cold climates. Does great for all northern gardeners. The cloves are protected by an attractive light red or white skin. This is also one of the hotter flavored garlics, and will warm your soul on the coldest winter evening. Siberian has very high allicin content, possibly the highest of any garlic. Allicin supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system, and enhances circulation. 

SEED BULBS:  $13 1/2 LB
TABLE: $10 1/2 LB


A very hot and rich garlic with a big after kick. 

typical Russian Inferno Garlic Bulbs

Russian Inferno has huge flavor and and keeps it through out cooking. It is quite bold raw and once cooked, retains its strong flavor with a bit of a sweet aftertaste.

It is generally one of the larger bulbs of most garlic varieties and can often harvest a week or two after other vareties.  It is an easy grower with particularly large bulbs and 6 to 8 clovers per bulb. Heritage Gourmets Russian Inferno garlic tends to be VERY HOT.  It is hardy for cold climates and can store in refridgerator for almost 10 months.

Shipped no later than 9/30

SEED BULBS:  $13 1/2 LB
TABLE: $10 1/2 LB


A medium full bodied earthy garlic 

German red Garlic Bulbs are typically large

German Red is a flavorful, aromatic garlic that is hot and spicy at first but quickly mellows and leaves no garlic after taste.

Its beautiful reddish skins and large bulb size make it ideal for roasting and presenting to guests. German Red is a more mild garlic and wonderful for stews and pastas or any recipe that does not need to be overpowered by the more robust garlic varieties.  Great thing about German Red Garlic when planting you get a lot more cloves, so more seeds! 

Shipped no later than 9/30

SEED BULBS:  $13 1/2 LB
TABLE: $10 1/2 LB


Top Seller & Favorite for Chefs and

growers alike. 

music garlic bulb

Shipped no later than 9/30

One of our most popular varieties due to taste, vigorous growth, and 6-8 large easy to peel clove. An Italian variety with deep rich flavor, strong, robust and pungent. Music grows well in northern states being one of the larger garlic varieties.    

Growers will get extra large bulbs consistently! Easy to grow with beautiful white bulbs and very large very flavorful cloves. This variety holds its strong spice even when cooked.

SEED BULBS:  $13 1/2 LB
TABLE: $10 1/2 LB


SLIGHTLY SWEET with Garlic, Scapes and Jalapeños. Not too hot.  Great on eggs, toast and Pizza!

Garlic scape jam with Jalepenos,


Slow oven roasted Jalepeno, Serano and garlic scapes blended together with sugar and slight hint of lemon boiled down into a syrupy sweet spoonful of blissfulness.  Mild heat but Oh so Good,
Made with peppers and scapes grown here on the farm. It's amazing how a few ingredients can turn into something so splendid! It will make you try to find ways to serve this jam all day long.
Use on toasted breads, eggs, steaks, chicken or even as a great dip with chips and veggies.

Garlic scape Pesto, so Yummy


YOU HAVEN’T LIVED until you’ve tried Garlic Scape Pesto. This spreadable, dip-able, spoon-able stuff is light, tangy, and fresh. But let me warn you…it is also highly addictive.

Garlic scapes, if you have hitherto not made their acquaintance, are the curly, green shoots that emerge in summer from autumn-planted, “hard-neck” garlic bulbs.


Pesto is made with fresh scapes olive oil and fresh basil off the farm (all organic ingredients).



PRESERVED WITH OLIVE OIL.  Will last for months in your fridge....if you don't eat it first.  :)


Wondergul on steaks, chicken, fish and any meat. Add some to your stir fry or use in salad dressings!

Great Ideas for this pesto

Dips, sauces, marinades, salad dressings, stir fry, garlic bread, BBQ Sauce just to name a few.

INGREDIENTS: Organic garlic scapes, organic olive oil, organic basil.

Only available in June/ July .

Seasonal Garlic scapes

Shipped June and July Only.

Gourmet delicacy available in mid June to mid July, Garlic scapes are the absolute bomb!   Only available from harneck variety garlic, the scape is the beautiful curled flower stem that is removed to promote bulb growth.  


Scapes have a mild garlic flavor raw, and are so crisp and crunchy, you will use them in everything from salads, stir fry, pestos, tuna, cocktails and more. Picked fresh and shipped fresh, the scapes will last arrive to you within days of being picked and last in your fridge for at least a month or more.     They can also be frozen. Easy instructions for keeping them fresh provided with your shipment.


These are very rare and you won't usually see them in any market due to the only two week period of available harvest.  So get your order in now!


The scapes have a distinct garlic flavor that is potent, but without the stinging bite of a raw clove. Fresh Scapes are are so Wonderfull to use in all your meals!  Freeze them or use them fresh, you won't want to miss trying these!

Shipments are made Priority 3 day air, so the package arrives to you quickly.

garlic scape seasoning salt



The seasoning to launch 1000 dishes!!

Enjoy garlic scapes blended with mineral rich sea salt on everything from eggs to fish and potatoes to vegetables. Delicious sprinkled onto popcorn or used to rim your favourite Caesar cocktail. 

Garlic Scapes, the flowering stalk of hardback garlic, have a sweet, mild garlic and green onion flavor.



They cleanse and oxidate the blood and are believed to be anti-osteoarthritic and anti-inflamatory.   Shake the goodness of garlic onto your plate - everyday.

Dehydrated 100 % garlic scapes with Organic Sea Salt.

Our Garlic Powders and salts/seasonings are nothing but pure, dried and then ground into powder. No GMOs.  Not irradiated. Provides pure, pungent, true garlic flavor and aroma. It’s like fresh garlic without the hassle.  BEST SELLER!  




100% natural garlic salt or powder

Fantastic flavor and so easy to add garlic to a quick meal.  

Dehydrated 100 % garlic is then ground into powder nibs or lightly mixed with Organic Sea Salt for our garlic Salt

Our Garlic Powder or garlic salt is nothing but pure, dried and then ground into powder. No GMOs.  Not irradiated. Provides pure, pungent, true garlic flavor and aroma. It’s like fresh garlic without the hassle.  BEST SELLER!  

A huge German white garlic bulb
our garlic lasts for months

Above is Garlic that's been stored in refrigerator for 10 months!


Most garlic growers will tell you that hardneck garlic stores only 6 months, as apposed to soft neck varieties.   NOT TRUE.  Our Garlic STORES UP TO 10 MONTHS, and sometimes longer.  We are telling you this so you know you can buy a yearly supply and not have your purchase go to waste.  We have a special technique for curing our garlic, natural of course, but that keeps the garlic skins very dry thus giving them their long shelf life.
Above is a picture of some garlic dated June 2019, that was harvested July of 2018.
As you can see, there is no rot, nor growth.  Now yes, its softer, but it still has great flavor and you won't have to buy chemically treated Chinese Garlic at the store.  
What we suggest, and this is what we store your garlic in a paper bag in your refrigerator.   Yes, refrigerator.   It will keep for many more months than just sitting on a shelf.    

“Gretchen has The best garlic this side of heaven. The spicy flavor and intensity of the heat is amazing. The size of the bulbs are incredible. I have already purchased mine for this year as they will sell out fast. Gretchen is the conductor of an amazing symphony, you need to taste the music for yourself. The only complaint is HER garlic is not in MY backyard. (:. Teresa in Idaho Falls

Zeek Manting wrote IF YOU WANT GOOD GARLIC, buy from 

 I bought some large bulbs not expecting them to be as big as they were, Holy Smokes, One two inch bulb with only 4 cloves. So easy to peel and so full of flavor. I only have to use a quarter of what I normally use in my cooking.

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